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Please note that ICA-AtoM is no longer actively supported by Artefactual Systems.
Visit for information about AtoM, the currently supported version.

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Released March 11th, 2009

New features

  • The full import and export of archival descriptions using the Encoded Archival Data (EAD) XML format
  • A template for adding Simple Dublin Core metadata
  • A page turner interface for multi-page digital objects
  • Administrator configurable menus
  • The ability for ICA-AtoM to act as an OAI-PMH server and make its data available to OAI harvesters
  • Several improvements to the web based installer
  • New Slovenian, Italian and Farsi interface translations and updated translations for other languages
  • New bilingual sample data in French and English (Fonds Maurice Lamontagne provided with permission from the Library and Archives of Canada)

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Enhancement: add Encoded Archival Data version 2002 (EAD) XML import (issue 442) and export (issue 443)
  • Enhancement: add user interface template for Simplified Dublin Core metadata standard [1], issue 440
  • Enhancement: add OAI-PMH compliant response mechanism to respond to OAI harvesting requests, issue 551
  • Enhancement: add a user interface for managing and customizing menus, issue 133
  • Enhancement: add a migration command line tool for migrating data from previous versions of ICA-AtoM, versions 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 supported
  • Enhancement: add a page turner interface for viewing compound (multi-page) digital objects and automatically generate reference and thumbnail representations for each page of a multi-page document (PDF or TIFF), issue 468
  • Enhancement: add a multi-lingual French and English fonds to demonstrate and test the system's internationalization interface, issue 454
  • Enhancement: add a progress bar to the web based installer, issue 406
  • Enhancement: add options to the web based installer for a remote database server URL, a database port and an optional prefix for ICA-AtoM tables, issue 426
  • Enhancement: add resizable data input areas for easy editing of long data elements (requires JavaScript), issue 493
  • Enhancement: add a sample EAD XML file to allow user to test EAD import functionality on demo CD, issue 587
  • Enhancement: add Slovenian, Italian and Farsi translations for the user interface and default content
  • Enhancement: updated Selenium test suite including tests for release 1.0.5 functionality, see testing
  • Fix: add untitled placeholder text for unnamed objects to prevent display of raw URL strings
  • Fix: deleting an event type term that had an attached information object caused fatal error in information object view screen, issue 616
  • Fix: no warning when uploaded digital object exceeds max_file_size, issue 614
  • Fix: researchers can not read textual digital objects, issue 605
  • Fix: media type select box doesn't work for digital objects, issue 605
  • Fix: can't add taxonomy term, issue 595
  • Fix: can't delete container, issue 594
  • Fix: QubitEvent does not save if only event type and date display values are entered, issue 554
  • Fix: no culture fallback for event dates on ISAD or RAD show templates, issue 554
  • Fix: adding information objects without title breaks select parent level function, issue 528
  • Fix: can't set the site title and description to an empty string, issue 522
  • Fix: cached sort order on person/organization list, issue 460
  • Fix: deleting a linked description status term causes a fatal error, issue 446
  • Fix: TIFF images try to display inline in browser, issue 399
  • Fix: disable Firefox work offline option for demo CD, issue 423
  • Fix: web installer: Notice - Use of undefined constant STDOUT, issue 453
  • Fix: digital object thumbnail creation fails for multi-page PDF files, issue 318
  • Fix: display problem on import/export page, issue 585
  • Fix: deleting or altering some test data breaks translate module, issue 482

For technical details on changes to the Qubit Open Information Management Toolkit for this release, see commits 1600:2126,