Release 1.0.9-beta

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Please note that ICA-AtoM is no longer actively supported by Artefactual Systems.
Visit for information about AtoM, the currently supported version.

Released May 17th, 2010

Release 1.0.9-beta includes a complete overhaul of the HTML and CSS design including a new and improved default theme (Caribou) and printer friendly CSS. It also features a expanded access control module allowing tighter security controls, support for ICA-ISDF functions, the ability to duplicate existing descriptions, standards compliance validation, and a large number of usability and performance improvements.

New features

  • Support for ICA-ISDF function descriptions
  • Validation notices report on compliance with metadata standards when editing archival descriptions and authority records, issue 129
  • Expanded access control
    • Access control for authority records, taxonomies and digital objects
    • Limit translation ability by language
    • Switched to Zend ACL library for improved performance, security, stability, and maintainability
    • Improved user interface
  • Duplicate archival descriptions feature to simplify repetitive data entry, issue 411
  • Move action for archival descriptions allow moving the current description and descendants to any part of the archival description hierarchy (not limited to current collection or fonds), fixes issue 1042
  • Specialize CSS for print media makes printouts look good, issue 76
  • Cleaner HTML markup and CSS stylesheets for easier theming and better cross browser compatibility
    • HTML tables no longer used for presentation, now only used for tabular data, issue 61
    • Headings now marked up with HTML <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, etc. heading tags
  • New default theme (Caribou)
    • Move search and browse to a full width header
    • Drop down menus in main menu to make better use of horizontal space, issue 1309
  • Watermarking for reference images, issue 1320
  • Allow linking to digital objects from the Internet via URL (HTTP), issue 344
  • Implemented a Dublin Core application profile to improve import/export roundtripping
  • Comprehensive functional testing procedure documentation


  • Performance improvements
    • Improved performance of tree view for ISAD (issue 1303) and thesauri (issue 1520)
    • Improved performance of digital object "image flow" preview, issue 1131
    • Improved performance of physical storage component, issue 652
    • Improved performance of publication status updates, issue 1323
    • Improved performance loading edit ISAD form, issue 1066
  • Improvements to user interface for more efficient data entry and browsing
    • Single-click browse menu, configurable by administrator
    • Single-click addition of new archival descriptions, authority records, archival institutions, functions and terms
    • Sort browse pages by recent updates, provide alphabetic sorting as a second option
    • Separate form for importing multiple digital objects
  • Added reference code, dates, and level of description to search results and browse pages, issue 1135
  • Added thumbnails to search results and browse pages, issue 1315
  • Automatic creation of mp3 reference representations for audio files, issue 1469
  • Added links into pager to modify the limit of results per page
  • URLs in descriptive content now displayed as hyperlinks, issue 356
  • Contact information now marked up with hCard microformat, increasing data portability
  • Upgraded actor and repository to object oriented symfony forms for more security and reliability. These forms are now consistent with the information object form
  • Generalized JavaScript behavior for modal dialogs which is easier to use and improves consistency across all dialogs
  • Fine grained migrations
  • Metadata standard plugins
  • Added automated tests for uploading videos, issue 801
  • PEAR channel now managed with Pirum instead of Chiara_PEAR_Server
  • Upgraded to symfony 1.3
  • Allow multiple values for type of archival institution, issue 486
  • Implement new auto-complete style for name access points - issue 127, issue 246 & issue 1045
  • Add level of description to archival description browse list, issue 230


  • New! Korean translation of user interface
  • Merged new and improved user interface translations (thank you to our volunteer translators!)

Bug fixes

  • Issue 618 - Deleting notes from term edit screen erases other unsaved changes made to term
  • Issue 892 - Can't translate code and note fields in taxonomies
  • Issue 916 - when editing ISDIAH records, hitting 'enter' on other form of name or parallel form of name bumps names off list
  • Issue 949 - users without view draft permissions can navigate to draft descriptions through browse digital objects
  • Issue 985 - issue warning when user tries to use wildcard in search with less than 3 characters
  • Issue 998 - multi-page files appear in browse results with both parent and child levels
  • Issue 1035 - Deleting language of description and script of description closes information div and erases other changes
  • Issue 1053 - Multi-file digital object not passing authentication information
  • Issue 1075 - Editing or deleting physical storage returns user to the information object edit screen instead of the view screen
  • Issue 1100 - Title in cover-flow viewer is covered up by scroll bar if the title is longer than one line
  • Issue 1121 - Users without "view draft" permissions can see draft descriptions
  • Issue 1122 - Repository holdings list shows draft descriptions
  • Issue 1149 - Error importing notes
  • Issue 1544 - Users without view draft permissions can see drafts in term browse results