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Please note that ICA-AtoM is no longer actively supported by Artefactual Systems.
Visit for information about AtoM, the currently supported version.

Released Aug 27, 2012 | Download (12 MB) | Installation | Upgrading

Release 1.3 includes PDF Fulltext Search, security enhancements, improvements to Treeview functionality, and many bug fixes to make this the most stable and fully-functional ICA-AtoM release to date.

Release 1.3 comes nine months after the 1.2 release in November 2011. Release 1.3 includes updated translations for Dutch, French, Polish, Portuguese, Slovenian and Spanish, along with the addition of Galician, Georgian, Indonesian, Japanese and Thai!

New Features

  • PDF fulltext search Issue 1252
  • Batch search index updates have been optimized to run 10 - 100x faster!
  • Command line and web interface CSV import for archival descriptions (RAD and ISAD), authority records, accessions and events
  • IE8 compatibility with Trillium theme
  • Addition of ellipses to expand or contract lengthy text fields Issue 537
  • Administrator control of the public visiblity of some archival description elements (Visibility Elements) Issue 1931


Security Enhancements

  • Enhance login process to force all authenticated user requests to https (requires SSL certificate on server) Issue 2226
  • Enhance login validation to force use of strong passwords Issue 2227: at least 8 characters long, contains characters from 3 of the following classes:
    1. Upper case letters
    2. Lower case letters
    3. Numbers
    4. Special characters
  • Limit incoming requests for all Administrator functionality to a static IP address range Issue 2228

Treeview enhancements

  • Brand new treeview!
  • Drag & drop sorting Issue 1289
  • View large number of child records in context Issue 1943
  • Pop-up to show long description names when hovering over name


  • Integratration of command line and web interface for CSV imports Issue 140
  • Allow XML or CSV import to an existing Fonds, Collection or Series Issue 1993


  • Add fulltext search for accessions Issue 2323
  • Add ability to link pre-existing information objects to accession records Issue 2178


  • Default sort order setting (Alphabetic or Last Updated) can be configured by the administrator Issue 2235


  • Allow searching on textual dates Issue 2294
  • Allow search by date range Issue 2261
  • Add copyright status to advanced search Issue 2314
  • Add extra search fields for authority records and repositories issue 1965


  • Addition of ellipses to expand or contract text boxes Issue 537


  • Display Archivematica AIP and File UUID for matching ICA-AtoM digital object Issue 2379
  • SQL-only data schema upgrades for Release 1.1 thru Release 1.3 Issue 2270


  • New! Galician, Georgian, Indonesian, Japanese and Thai translations of the user interface.
  • Merged new and improved user interface translations for Dutch, French, Polish, Portuguese, Slovenian and Spanish (thank you to all our volunteer translators).
  • Complete French translation of Rules for Archival Description (RAD) elements. (Translation funded by Manitoba Heritage Grant courtesy of the Department of Culture, Heritage and Tourism.)

Bug fixes

  • Issue 2420: CSV Import throws warning
  • Issue 2417: Treeview: first click on "arrow" doesn't show child levels
  • Issue 2415: filters.yml problem under qtSwordPlugin
  • Issue 2413: Deleted records showing up in search results
  • Issue 2411: Publication status in treeview is adding double parentheses in all themes except Trillium
  • Issue 2408: Pop-up display in treeview not visible wen browser window is resized
  • Issue 2407: Publication status in treeview should come at end of information object title
  • Issue 2402: Admin user gets deactivated
  • Issue 2395: Taxonomy/term treeview is broken
  • Issue 2394: Installer theme is broken
  • Issue 2390: CSV: check -import task fails with error. Invalid column "culture"
  • Issue 2384: EAD - dates not importing
  • Issue 2382: Unauthorized users should not be able to view PREMIS rights
  • Issue 2377: Search for donor name produces no results for authenticated user/admin
  • Issue 2376: Repository names mixed with Authority record names in drop-down, selection of Repository name results in 404 error
  • Issue 2368: User orange circle "a" favicon for release 1.3
  • Issue 2365: In Edit digital object screen, substitute new representation results in white screen
  • Issue 2364: In Edit digital object screen, changing mediatype causes white screen
  • Issue 2360: Rights holder name appears in drop-down/suggested list for Name of Creator data entry field
  • Issue 2358: Move button not working below fonds level in 1.3
  • Issue 2348: User Groups unavailable in drop-down when Admin tried to add new user in Trillium theme and Chrome browser
  • Issue 2344: New information objects created from the accession page are not linked
  • Issue 2337: User with translation rights is unable to edit the information in ISAAR fields
  • Issue 2334: Draft status records not appearing in search results for authenticated users
  • Issue 2330: Admin cannot view user permissions by repository
  • Issue 2323: Add fulltext search for accessions
  • Issue 2314: Add copyright status to advanced search
  • Issue 2313 Hide accession numbers in archival description from public
  • Issue 2312: Trillium css compression of page counter in browse digital objects view
  • Issue 2311: Delete reference copy of digital object and replace or regenerate copy causes error
  • Issue 2310: "Language and script notes" field should not repeat
  • Issue 2298: Can't delete final UF field from taxonomy term
  • Issue 2291: Translation interface broken
  • Issue 2286: Using "+" in Treeview at Series-level, reveals child-levels without Publication Status "Draft"
  • Issue 2284: Administrator unable to edit new user account's active status or edit new user account
  • Issue 2276: Search results for PDF, TIFF and JPEG produce multiples.
  • Issue 2273: Deleted archival description included in search results.
  • Issue 2272: Change field label "Archival history" to "Archival /Custodial history" in Accessions template
  • Issue 2270: SQL-only data schema upgrades / Switch migration task to direct db updates instead of YAML upgrades
  • Issue 2263: Solve taxonomy and term constant
  • Issue 2246: Moving an information object can break the nested set
  • Issue 2238: Full reference code for archival descriptions is truncated in search results screen
  • Issue 2235: Defaut sort order setting (Alphabetic or Last Updated) should be Admin Configurable
  • Issue 2234: Qubit-sword daemon stops working after a long time running (MySQL server has gone away)
  • Issue 2220: Migrate task in 1.2 release is not bumping database version during upgrades
  • Issue 2212: Lucene Range Search broken in ICA-AtoM 1.2
  • Issue 2209: Server 500 error on multiple record deletion
  • Issue 2207: Apache (with mod_rewrite?) returns Forbidden error if permalink slug is more than 255 characters
  • Issue 2206: Reports - Date field at file and item level populated with date from fonds-level
  • Issue 2203: Browse menu translated in Caribou but NOT other themes. Browse results page title not translated.
  • Issue 2198: Fatal error viewing file/item report in language other than English
  • Issue 2197: In ICA-AtoM Selecting Dublin Core as the default template in Admin>settings does not change resource edit template. Defaults to ISAD(G).
  • Issue 2194: Search and Replace results in Fatal error.
  • Issue 2176: Can't print file or item lists in DC or MODS
  • Issue 2168: Translated UI labels appear in English
  • Issue 2147: Trillium theme css not sticking in narrow Safari browser window
  • Issue 2143: Trillium: pager alignment is inconsistent
  • Issue 2141: Unable to activate a theme when browsing in a language distinct to english
  • Issue 2048: Link to on ABOUT page is wrong, replace with DCB link.
  • Issue 2035: RAD Note field for Language needs to be text, not a list of languages
  • Issue 1995: Segmentation faults when calling _toString() magic method implicitly
  • Issue 1993: Specify parent for EAD import
  • Issue 1983: Actor records (users, authority records and repositories) cause incorrect hit count for authenticated users
  • Issue 1975: ICA-AtoM virtual appliance does not work under VirtualBox 4.0.4
  • Issue 1943: Context menu "see all" links are not useful for a large number (100+) of children
  • Issue 1915: User profile should include institutional (repository) affiliation
  • Issue 1628: String fields in the db are limited to 255 characters but Users demand bigger sizes and there is no warning
  • Issue 1519: When logged in user doesn't have update permission to update archival descriptions, can partially drag and drop in hierarchy treeview
  • Issue 1409: Users without view draft permissions can navigate to drafts in information object treeview hierarchy
  • Issue 1344: Information div titles in edit screens disappear when scrolled over or clicked on
  • Issue 1327: Sorting treeview error when mixing identifiers with none identifiers
  • Issue 1280: Prevent same user from being created more than once
  • Issue 1113: Can't delete a user if they have created a note
  • Issue 767: Include physical objects (i.e. storage containers) in the search index