Release 1.3.1

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Please note that ICA-AtoM is no longer actively supported by Artefactual Systems.
Visit for information about AtoM, the currently supported version.

Released May 7, 2013 | Download (12 MB) | Installation | Upgrading

Releases > Release 1.3.1

This is a bug fix release intended to fix several major bugs that were found in Release 1.3.

In our tracker:

Bug fixes

  • Digital object upload path is wrong when user culture is not English 4372
  • Fix the translation bar not showing up for some themes 552
  • Fix a glitch in the search bar only affecting IE9 users
  • Multiple fixes in the search index 4713
  • Tooltips can now be disabled (regression introduced in 1.3, 4286
  • Compatibility fix for PHP 5.4
  • Optimization of slug generation
  • Fix a problem with the user notes 4539
  • Update IP security filter to avoid IP spoofing
  • Fix a bug in the dialogs where XHR requests were not being processed properly 4869
    • Thanks to Kehan Harman for his contribution!
  • Validate the RAD field Statement of scale (architectural) field properly 4165
  • Allow to reset the accession number to zero 4604
  • Hide draft descriptions in the imageflow 3887
  • Fix in the viewDraft permission 3306
  • Treeview fixes
    • Show child-level descriptions instead of siblings 4357
    • Removed "Show all" button 573
    • Fix culture fallback for title in treeview 574
    • Fix pop-ups issues in IE8 within the treeview and the digital object browser 4452 561
  • Better integration with Archivematica
    • Updates to use net_gearman instead of pecl/gearman 4767
    • Improved the import of METS documents
    • Stability tweaks in the SWORD worker 4182
    • Update the upstart service found in /init

Upgrading to Release 1.3.1

Please see Upgrading from Release 1.3 for full instructions on upgrading.