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Please note that ICA-AtoM is no longer actively supported by Artefactual Systems.
Visit for information about AtoM, the currently supported version.

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  • Send XLIFFs to translators:
  • Deadline for submitting translations:
  • Code freeze:
  • Public release: Unscheduled
NOTE: Artefactual is now focusing its development efforts on AtoM 2 - for more information see our new AtoM website. Release 1.4 will be the last major release for ICA-AtoM. We are preparing this release without development support, as a show of good faith to our valued community members who do not wish to follow us forward with an upgrade to AtoM 2. Because of this, we are preparing this release as we are able, often in our free time, so we can leave the ICA-AtoM development branch in a solid place as we continue to develop AtoM 2 as the next-generation of open-source archival description and access software. For more information, see this post and this older post by AtoM Product Manager Dan Gillean in our User Forum.

Learn more about AtoM 2!


  • enhance Archivematica integration
  • EAC / SKOS fixes
  • EAD roundtripping
  • EAD <dao> support
  • OAI-PMH fixes
  • DC roundtripping 4451 Dublin Core.XML export not using ISO language code
  • Criticals:
    • 4504 searching date field using [] causes server error
    • 4408 Export EAD with biog/history causing fatal error
    • 552 Translation bar is not shown as expected
    • 4273 Error message from installer checks

See AccesstoMemory Issues List for a full review of bugs, features and tasks slated for 1.4 ICA-AtoM.