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Please note that ICA-AtoM is no longer actively supported by Artefactual Systems.
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Add / edit archival descriptions: RAD

Main Page > (UM) User manual > UM-3 Add / edit content > UM-3.1 Add / edit archival descriptions (RAD)

Archival description in edit mode: all information areas collapsed

Archival description records are structured in the RAD template into information areas based on the Canadian Council of Archives' Rules for Archival Description (RAD). This section describes how to create, edit and delete RAD-compliant archival descriptions. The Data entry pages listed below give detailed notes and explanations on every field included on the edit screen.


Creating, editing and deleting are the same for RAD and ISAD(G). Please go to:

UM-3.1.1 Create a new archival description

UM-3.1.2 Edit an existing archival description

UM-3.1.3 Delete an existing archival description

Data entry (RAD elements)

UM-3.1.13 Title and statement of responsibility area

UM-3.1.14 Edition area

UM-3.1.15 Class of material specific details area

UM-3.1.16 Dates of creation area

UM-3.1.17 Physical description area

UM-3.1.18 Publisher's series area

UM-3.1.19 Archival description area

UM-3.1.20 Notes area

UM-3.1.21 Standard number area

Data entry (common elements)

Access points, control area, uploading digital object and adding or editing physical storage are the same for RAD and ISAD(G). Please go to:

UM-3.1.10 Access points

UM-3.4 Control area

UM-6.1 Import/export content > Upload digital objects

UM-3.1.12 Physical storage area

See also

UM-3.6 Exit edit mode (same for all record types).