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Please note that ICA-AtoM is no longer actively supported by Artefactual Systems.
Visit for information about AtoM, the currently supported version.

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Search for resource descriptions

A search results page
  1. Use the search box to find archival descriptions that contain matching text. The search box is available on every page to every user.
  2. Enter a query in the search box. Use a single keyword or more advanced queries using specific fields, quotations, boolean operators etc. (see Advanced search)
  3. Click the spyglass icon to the right of the box or press Enter on your keyboard
  4. ICA-AtoM searches all fields of all archival descriptions and displays results on the search results page
  5. The search results page displays the search query and the total number of results. By default, ICA-AtoM displays results ten at a time, providing pagination at the bottom of the page to allow users to navigate through long lists of results. Administrators can increase or decrease this default number (See items per page).
  6. Click a title to view the full description (this navigates to the description's view page)

As of the current ICA-AtoM version:

  • Search results can be saved as a report and printed (click on Printer Icon in title bar)
  • Search runs on the language specified by the current language. It will not display results for descriptions that are not translated into the current language

Future releases will address current limitations.

Search for authority records or archival institutions

Authority records search box
  1. In the search box at the bottom of browse results for authority records or archival institutions, enter a search query. Use a single keyword or more advanced queries using quotations, boolean operators etc. (see Advanced search)
  2. The search results page will display the results
  3. To view an authority record or archival institution, click on one of the blue links in the search results