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Implement an arrangement policy

Implement an arrangement policy
Summary ID number USC-1.2.1

An institution establishes its arrangement policy and customizes the application to implement it.


Primary actor:

  • Institution.

Secondary actor:

  • Administrator.
Description Preconditions
  • n/a
  • n/a
Successful outcome
  • Application customized so that user data-entry interface reflects institution's arrangement policy.
Main scenario

Scenario A:

1. Institution establishes the highest level of arrangement it will employ.

  • E.g. Fonds, series, record group established as highest level.

2. Institution establishes the number of levels of arrangement it will employ.

  • E.g. no sub-fonds, no more than three series levels (series, sub- and sub-sub-series).

3. Administrator edits the default "Levels of description" taxonomy shipped with ICA-AtoM, so that drop-down lists show only levels and terms allowed by policy.

Exceptions / variations

Scenario B:

Institution changes its arrangement policy and requires a transitional period in which the application retains old data values (pending conversion) but users are only allowed to use new values.

  • E.g. application contains descriptions registered as "Record groups" but this term is no longer allowed for new descriptions.
  • As of version 0.6, ICA-AtoM cannot accommodate this scenario. A term cannot be deleted from a taxonomy if other records are already registered to it. In a future release, it will be possible to make taxonomy terms "inactive" so that data integrity is protected, while drop-down list for on-going data entry show only the preferred terms.
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