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Please note that ICA-AtoM is no longer actively supported by Artefactual Systems.
Visit for information about AtoM, the currently supported version.

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ICA-AtoM is a multilingual application which incorporates the following design principles:

When installing ICA-AtoM, the administrator specifies the default language. Any user can switch the current language to display the user interface and database content in any of the other supported languages.

ICA-AtoM makes no attempt to automatically generate "translations" from one language to another. It is up to individual translators to do the translations. ICA-AtoM does not "do" translation, rather it supports the activities of translators by providing a structure in which users can contribute translations of descriptions and link these back to the originals.

Known issues

There is currently no way for system administrators to add new languages to ICA-AtoM via normal web-browser interaction. New languages can only be added by programmers working directly with the code. In future releases, administrators will be able to add new languages to those supported by their application and to make their translations of the user interface available to the wider community of ICA-AtoM users.

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