Release 1.0.4-beta

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Please note that ICA-AtoM is no longer actively supported by Artefactual Systems.
Visit for information about AtoM, the currently supported version.

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Released November 17th, 2008

New features

  • Enhancement: add user interface template for Canadian Rules for Archival Description (RAD), issue 441
  • Enhancement: add site title and description settings to admin interface to allow easy customization and translation, issue 478
  • Enhancement: add feature to allow setting system to multi-repository or single-repository and customize displays based on this setting, issue 447
  • Enhancement: add modal dialog for quickly adding multiple dates or authority records to an archival description
    • add list of event types (accumulation, authoring, broadcasting, etc.)
    • allow assignment of place
    • allow adding note
  • Enhancement: add modal dialog for adding subject and place terms from the archival description edit screen
  • Enhancement: add ability to view creator and dates of creation next to each other in information object view screen, issue 490
  • Enhancement: update labels and implement data validation for admin > settings form
  • Enhancement: add paging to admin > user list, issue 463
  • Enhancement: display error messages on failed login, issue 173
  • Fix: max reference image width ignored, issue 479
  • Fix: authority record has fonds as creator, issue 310
  • Fix: undefined country for linked archival repository causes information objects with reference codes to fail to display, issue 470
  • Fix: some i18n terms from previous language still showing up after switching UI language, issue 221
  • Fix: changing name of repository does not reindex linked information objects, issue 481

For technical details on changes to the Qubit Open Information Management Toolkit for this release, see commits 1451:1600,