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Please note that ICA-AtoM is no longer actively supported by Artefactual Systems.
Visit for information about AtoM, the currently supported version.

Released November 2nd, 2009

Included a major scalability overhaul of the ICA-AtoM user interface, allowing the application to work with larger data-sets:

  • Auto-complete form fields for easily narrowing and selecting from a very large set of possible options
  • Full-text search for persons/organizations and repositories
  • Incrementally load archival descriptions in tree-view to prevent long page load times
  • Removing the performance intensive "parent-select" for creating hierarchies and replacing with:
    • Ability to add multiple child-level descriptions at one time
    • Drag-and-drop interface for moving archival descriptions within a fonds or collection
  • A command line task for full-text search indexing, avoiding web-server timeouts when indexing large data sets
  • Improved XML import performance by approximately three times

New features

  • Full support of the ICA standards governing ISAAR(CPF) relationships
  • An implementation of the ISO 2788:1986 (monolingual) and ISO 5964:1985 (multi-lingual) guidelines for thesauri
    • including support for Broad Term/Narrow Term, Use/Use For and See also relationships
    • includes a hierarchical tree-view for easily visualizing complex vocabularies
    • includes dynamic replacement of a non-preferred term with the preferred term during data entry
  • Basic document workflow,
    • Implement "Draft" and "Published" status for archival descriptions
    • Integration with the access control module to restrict who can view "draft" descriptions
  • Improved access control, including a user interface for administrating,
    • User and group permissions for viewing, editing & deleting archival descriptions, globally or on a per repository basis
    • User and group permissions for viewing and publishing "draft" descriptions
  • Greatly improved support for import and export of EAD formatted XML documents, including
    • DTD validation for EAD documents
    • Multi-lingual (i18n) support
  • Batch upload of digital objects

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Enhancement: Update Selenium functional tests for new features and enhancements introduced in releases 1.0.8
  • Enhancement: Update data migration task for 1.0.7 -> 1.0.8 upgrades
  • Enhancement: Admin setting for sorting archival description treeview: alphabetically, by identifier, or in order descriptions are entered, issue 909
  • Enhancement: In-browser audio playback for digital objects, issue 236
  • Enhancement: Improved web installer security and functionality
  • Enhancement: Add XML export links to archival description context menu
  • Enhancement: ISO-8601 date support, issue 414
  • Enhancement: Avoid having to scroll down lengthy drop-down list for language/script in control area, issue 533
  • Enhancement: Add pager to term/browse list, issue 1076
  • Enhancement: Allow case insensitive searching of accented characters, issue 848
  • Enhancement: Create a new repository from the information object edit forms, issue 677
  • Enhancement: More context information for archival description search results, issues 255 and 796
  • Enhancement: Separate name access points and events, issue 1044
  • Enhancement: EAD import - convert ISO 639-2 codes to RFC4646, issue 534
  • Enhancement: Support upload of bitmap (*.bmp) digital objects, issue 697
  • Fix: Prevent data loss when a large digital object is uploaded, issue 613
  • Fix: Remove ISAAR & ISDIAH note types not listed in ICA standards, issue 773.
  • Fix: EAD export fails if repository record lacks country code, issue 709
  • Fix: EAD export fails when repository lacks contact type, issue 797
  • Fix: EAD import registers fonds creator twice as access point, issue 720
  • Fix: EAD attributes should not be translated, issue 844
  • Fix: EAD phystech should not be a child of physdesc, issue 845
  • Fix: non-latin character data not escaping properly in XML export, issue 838
  • Fix: In IE, note field data being duplicated, issue 1025
  • Fix: Digital object won't generate reference & thumbnail reference at same time, issue 536

For technical details on changes to the Qubit Open Information Management Toolkit for this release, see commits 2582:3855,