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Please note that ICA-AtoM is no longer actively supported by Artefactual Systems.
Visit for information about AtoM, the currently supported version.

Main Page > Translate this wiki


  • The original ICA-AtoM documentation is created in English on this MediaWiki website.
  • MediaWiki creates a permalink for each wiki page based on the page title. For example, the permalink for this page is 'title=Translate_this_wiki' (see your browser URL bar above).
  • To see a translated version of the page, users can click on their preferred language in the language bar on the left.
    • This will navigate them to a page that uses the same permalink appended by the corresponding ISO language code. For example, French will route to 'title=Translate_this_wiki/fr', Dutch will route to 'title=Translate_this_wiki/nl'
  • If a translation hasn't yet been created for that page, it will appear as a MediaWiki page stub, ready for data-entry to those users that have editing privileges (e.g. those with a log-in password for this wiki).
  • The translator should then:
  1. go back to the original English version of the page (e.g. Translate_this_wiki)
  2. cut all the English text, wiki mark-up codes and image links for that page
  3. go back to the target language page that requires translation (e.g. Translate_this_wiki/fr)
  4. paste the English text, wiki markup codes and image links into the new page
  5. overwrite the English text with the translated text, making sure to keep the same wiki markup code and image links
  6. save the page
  • WARNING: When translating links to other wiki pages, be sure to preserve the original page name (appended with the language code) and use the wiki link markup to add a translated name for the page.
    • For example, to translate a link to the [[Glossary]] page, use [[Glossary/nl|Begrippenlijst]] instead of [[Begrippenlijst]]