USC-1 Establish a system of control

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Establish a system of control

These use cases relate to implementing policy decisions in the application.

Define system scope

Establish a system of intellectual control

Implement an arrangement policy

Implement an arrangement policy
Summary ID number 1.2.1

An institution establishes its arrangement policy and customizes the application to implement it.

Primary actor Institution.
Secondary actor Administrator.
Description Preconditions n/a
Trigger n/a
Successful outcome Application customized so that user options reflect institution's arrangement policy.
Main scenario

Scenario A:

1. Institution establishes the highest level of arrangement it will employ.

  • E.g. Fonds, series, record group established as highest level.

2. Institution establishes the number of levels of arrangement it will employ.

  • E.g. no sub-fonds, no more than three series levels (series, sub- and sub-sub-series).

3. Administrator edits the default "Levels of description" taxonomy shipped with ICA-AtoM, so that drop-down lists show only levels and terms allowed by policy.

Exceptions / variations

Scenario B:

Institution changes policy and for a transitional period retains old data values in the application (pending conversion) but allows users to use only new values.

  • E.g. application contains descriptions registered as "Record group" but term no longer allowed for new descriptions.

As of version 0.6, ICA-AtoM cannot accommodate this scenario. A term cannot be deleted from a taxonomy if other records are already registered to it. In a future release, it will be possible to make taxonomy terms "inactive" so that data integrity is protected, while drop-down list for on-going data entry show only the preferred terms.

Requirements Functional requirements

FNC-1.2.1 Describe material at multiple levels of arrangement

FNC-1.2.2 Establish the highest level of arrangement

FNC-1.2.3 Establish the number of levels of arrangement

Metadata requirements

MTD-1.1.3 Indication the level of description

Technical requirements
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