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Please note that ICA-AtoM is no longer actively supported by Artefactual Systems.
Visit https://www.accesstomemory.org for information about AtoM, the currently supported version.

Main Page > User manual > Add/edit content > Exit edit mode

You can exit edit mode (leave the edit page) by saving or canceling the record or by any of the following other methods.

All of the methods listed here result in any changes to the record being lost; the only way to save a record is to click the "create" or "save" button in the button block.

  1. Click the record's title bar to return to view mode.
  2. Click a link in the context menu.
  3. Click an item in the main menu.
  4. Use the search box or browse menu to perform a search or browse action.
  5. Click the site logo to return to the home page.
  6. Click a link on the user menu to perform some other action.
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